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Namzorz reviews Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- Ring of Fates (DS)

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Namzorz said...


First off, this is a really childish game. Though the childish aspect doesn't make it a bad game, it could turn you off if your expecting cool designs. The setting's in the same world as Crystal Chronicles on the Gamecube with the same races etc. Rings of Fate is rather a dungeon crawler / adventure game than an RPG but still implies some of the FF series elements such as equipment, crafting, levels and so on.


As your making your way through dungeons, you will encounter multiple enemies and riddles that you've got to get past by using either the brutal way of hack and slash or the cunning way of puzzle solving. To do so, you'll be controlling from 1 to 4 characters each with their own specialty but only one at a time while the others are following one of the worse AI patterns. While dropped items get stuck on your fellow party members and are then unavailable for pick up, your characters are gonna land few random hits and fall off cliffs all the time. Sadly there is no job system but the armors that goes along your characters combat styles are coming from previous Final Fantasy titles and will make you feel like you're an actual samurai or black mage. The implement of a crafting system makes the game all more interesting by letting you craft more powerful weapons and armors. Like mentioned before the game is pretty childish so don't expect any real challenges.


This is the story of a set of twins, Yuri and Chelinka, who are bound together by a power only usable with the 2 of them alongside. They are going after the Lunites or Moon-Touched to take revenge and save the world .There are barely any twists and the story is pretty straight forward but the up beat and yet not boring storyline still make you want to see more of the game. Plan 10 to 15 hours maximum to clear the story.


The music playing through the game is disappointing if compared to other square-enix games. Yet something surprised me. The voice acting was really well done, especially for a DS game. Though it only happened during core scenes to the storyline I definitely recommend you to play with the sound on as the voice over will help your immersion.


The graphics are bit to childish to my liking. The dungeons are badly designed and all look alike but at least the equipment is well done. By using the gears from all Final Fantasy's, it adds this cool element that make you look forward to the next piece you will be able to craft.

I'm giving this game


Thanks for reading.

Game Traits applied to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- Ring of Fates (DS) by Namzorz

  • The Setting:
    Crystal Chronicles Universe
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Action RPG
  • General Tone:
    Fun and upbeat
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- Ring of Fates

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles -- Ring of Fates (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 11/MAR/08
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